Protecting Your Energy
Exercise: Feeling Energy Flow

At any time of the day you can stop and take a moment to feel the energy flow within your own body.

Start at the top of your head and imagine a scan running down your body - your head, then your neck, sholders, chest, back, stomach, pelvis, buttocks, legs and feet. The energy scans your body trying to pick up where the energy flows easily and where it stops and feels blocked. When you feel a block, stop and take a moment to find out what is holding this spot within your body. It may be fear, or anger or jealosy or guilt. Something negative is holding and contracting your energetic flow and holding you back. Or it may simply need releasing. Gently be with the block and focus positive and loving energy into this area. Relax the areas as you breathe into it. It may help to feel white light entering the space helping to release whatever has been held. Stay with this for as long as you can, ideally until the stuck energy is released. Then continue with your energy scan.

At first you may find that there are many blockages or contractions in your body. This is good because you have begun to notice how you react and hold things everyday. Practice this daily. In the morning or at night while lying in bed are good times. Or take a moment when sitting down to tune in to how your body is feeling and give it the space to relax and flow and feel your energy scan.

You start healing by being aware of how your body flows. Next you become aware of the triggers that cause these contractions and then you are able to spend the time to gently be with these triggers and reactions and release them with loving intention.


Have you ever walked into a room, waited in a queue or passed a group of people along the street and noticed one person's energy more than another? It seems to bounce at you, trying to knock you over and disrupt you from the place you were in. It can hit you from the other side of a room, it is calling out to be seen, sometimes the person is ouverly loud and other times nothing is said yet their energy is yelling out and tugging at you, rudely interrupting your space and knocking you right out of the place you were holding. When you take notice, it feels like this person's energy is 'leaking out' everywhere…and it is. You may not even be near the person yet you feel awkward as their energy reaches across the room and grabs you and pulls you and everyone else in. Suddenly you feel fragmented, out of alignment and out of harmony with yourself.

Whenever you or another behaves in this way it is from a place of lack or fear and this energetic burst is trying to compensate. You or the other person may feel that this exertion of energy will help you connect with others yet what it does is the exact opposite and pushes you away further, out of relationship with yourself and others.

If this is a behaviour of yours, notice what you are feeling at these times - are you feeling inadequate, jealous, have low self esteem, fearful or guilty? Are you overcompensating because you do not want to feel what is really going on? Do you want the approval of others to increase your self-esteem? Start to notice your 'energy' behaviour and see when it goes out of proportion and invades others space. Become aware of your energy and what effect you have on others or they have on you. Then start to reign your energy in. Your energetic field is meant to stop with your aura about 10 -15 cm from around your body.

If you are the recipient of someone's 'leaking energy' know that all you have to do is focus on your own energy and your auric field. concentrate for a moment on your aura bouncing this persons energy away from you and clearing your space while mainting your energy within your auric field. Nothing needs to be said, you don't even need to look at or acknowledge the person in any way. All you need to do is take responsibility for managing and maintaining your own energetic space. Pull in any energy of your own that has leaked out to this other person and go on about your day. Your energy field when healthy, will not allow another person acting from this fearful place to come in and take over your space.

We interact with so many people on a daily basis that it is important after being with anyone we pull in our energy and ensure we haven't taken any energy from someone else with us.

We each have and use so much energy every second of the day that supports our system and keeps us in harmony with our physical and mental body. It keeps us grounded, connected to and in relationship with ourselves. Just as we have manners when we speak with people, we need to have manners where our energy is concerned. Consider and take responsibility for your own 'energetic manners'.

Connect with Your Energy
'Energetic Manners'


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